I have been a creative all my life.  My focus area is broad!  I love photography, floral design, pottery, sewing, knitting, cooking, gardening and so much more.   All of it feeds my soul and when I practice these crafts, I feel like I am truly honoring who I was meant to be.  Years ago I attempted to be a photographer, and then floral designer full time.  It was rough.  My brain had A LOT to offer me by way of self-doubt.  I had a story that didn't serve me at all, that was "charging money is ruining this for me, it takes the joy out of the craft."  When I started believing that, my business fell apart.  I stopped charging, I stopped creating for awhile, and I didn't put myself out there again.  Then in the winter of 2020 I found life coaching.  I learned that our thoughts create our results, and that thinking "charging money ruins this for me."  Was just creating a result of me failing ahead of time, by believing that story and ultimately stopping.  Of course it felt true!  I felt like there was "so much added pressure," and "I couldn't possibly do this for money", "it just wasn't for me!"  But through the tools I was taught at The Life Coach School, I learned that I was giving all of my power away to the situation.  I took back my power and I have changed my life for the better with these methods.  In the spring of 2021 I decided to get certified through The Life Coach School, and through this work I have truly found what I am passionate about and know I can help people with it.

I'm Bethany

A mindset coach for storytellers and artists alike...

About the coach

Artist and Storytellers have something beautiful to share with this world.  It's not uncommon though, that they can get in their heads about what they are doing, and it can 100% keep people from sharing their gifts with others.  If I can help just one creative soul push passed the drama and pain that our brains offer, it will all be worth it. Over the years artists and creatives have been offered a lot of thoughts.  You have to be "educated in the craft." "Be highly successful, and do it quickly!" Or "being a creative just isn't practical."  "You can't make a living off from that."  "It will never pay the bills."  What if that was just one random person's opinion of what a successful creative were to look like?  What if your story didn't have to look like that?  It's easy to let our minds go wild, and think, "this isn't working." "I'm not as good as____(so and so)."  "I won't be able to make money at this."  But what if there were a way to turn off the unsolicited noise that our brains feed us? That's what I want to teach people. This work has changed my life for the better, and I want every artist, storyteller, musician, photographer, to know that this can change their future and their craft forever. This is the work we all need.  You don't need to spin out in overwhelm and confusion.  There is another option, and I would love to teach it to you.

because sometimes in order to follow our heart and pursue our dreams, we need a little help getting our brain on board.

Why life coaching?

-GIFs are her love language.

-Attended culinary school in 2006 and now spends the majority of her time in the kitchen canning jams, jellies, and baking.

-Happy to spend her free time in the garden, kitchen, taking care of the farm animals, or in the art studio.

-She has an obsession with farm animals, seriously though, it's a problem.

-Spends most of her free time in one creative field or another.  Photography, floral design, or pottery mostly.

-Lives on a small homestead just outside of Seattle, Washington.

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