Stop motion creation is something that we excel at and make unique for whatever your brand campaign is.  It is a fun and underused marketing style that really keeps your audience engaged and tells a story.

Bethany is based out of Seattle, Washington.  With over 8 years of photography experience she really knows how to captivate audiences and tell a story that they want to hear.  "The beauty of stop motion is it's so underused in the industry, that when your audience sees it, they can't help but be in awe and feel something magical.  Attention spans these days are shorter than ever, that's why our studio strictly specializes in editorial stop motion, it a proven way to keep people engaged, and highly versatile across all social media platforms." 

Working with Bethany Laurin Creative Studio will help give your audience something unique, that was designed and curated just for them.  We are excited to bring these services to brands looking to create waves in the industry, to make people stop and take a second look.


Behind the Scenes