Mindset coaching for food photographers, bloggers & Cookbook authors

Helping creative entrepreneurs overcome

I help food photographers & bloggers go from burnt out & overwhelmed, to THRIVING, CONFIDENT & INSPIRED.

This program gives you permission to grow and the tools to create a life that is easy, sustainable, and abundant.

I've been there.  You started this work as a passion project, you love it, are good at it, it fulfills your need to be creative.  But this isn't what you'd envisioned.  You are nearing burnout, or are stuck in overwhelm. You think maybe a vacation will solve your problem, but the last time you tried that you were stressed out, and couldn't fully enjoy yourself.  You are producing great work, yet your brain still offers you discouraging thoughts of self doubt and imposter syndrome.  My tools and strategy provide tangible support for overcoming self doubt, burnout and overwhelm.  This is just the beginning!  I will help you fall back in love with your business and get back to a place of living a fulfilled, creative life.

Feel confident, capable
and renewed as you redefine success in your creative businesses.

An experience that breaks old belief patterns and shows you the endless possibilities that you have available to you.

This program gives you permission to thrive and tools to create a life that is easy, sustainable and abundant.

It happens to so many of us, we jump into the wild unknown of starting our own creative business, we soon discover there's so much more to it than we thought.  Enter the self doubt, overwhelm, confusion, and burnout... it doesn't have to be this hard, I can teach you how to make it easy.

you love your work but you aren't "feeling it" right now.  you are overwhelmed, and trying Just MaKe it easier.

At the heart of everything, I am a creative. I am a ceramicist, photographer, floral artist,  gardener, mother, and so much more.  I have a passion for being creative, and I believe in honoring that side of myself.  For many years, self doubt kept me from pursuing my creative dreams.  It's heartbreaking to know you have gift for something, but to talk yourself out of sharing that gift with the world because you think things like "I'm not good enough."  Then I found life coaching, it took me from a place of feeling like I was not enough, to a place of growth and bravery.  My goal now is to help every creative person pursue their craft with confidence and authenticity.    My mission is to teach creatives how to manage their minds so they can live their best lives possible.

Certified Life Coach and your newest wing woman

Meet the founder — Bethany Laurin

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— Jess

"After working with Bethany, I was finally able to recognize all of the self sabotage I was creating because of my thinking."

— Stacy

"I finally have a solid plan for creating my goals.  No more aimlessly wandering without any idea of what I'm doing.  This was work that has easily sparked a massive change in my creativity.

— Brittany

"Bethany was a breath of fresh air.  The things she helped me see in my thought patterns really opened my eyes to how my brain follows directions via my thoughts.  I finally feel like I can be me, but with purpose, and without judgement.  I choose who I am, no one else."

— jamie

"I wish I had found Bethany about 5 years sooner.  My life will never be the same, and I am so grateful for her coaching.  Go sign up, RIGHT NOW!"

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