Every week we feature new letters written in by listeners like you.  The life coaches coach on whatever the situation is about, no topic is off the table!  Our goal is to help you find awareness and use the tools to help you start living as your best self.

A modern day advice column in podcast form.

Bethany Laurin

Meet the hostess —

Bethany is a life coach for creatives.  She started this podcast in hopes that people would see what it was like to work with a coach, and the value they could provide.  "I think a lot of people truly just aren't familiar with what a life coach can help you with, I want help as many people as possible, and have it be accessible to everyone, no matter their financial situation."  So the podcast was created.   Her hope is that if someone has a situation they need help with, they will write in, and let the coaching guide them in ways they maybe haven't thought of before.













We have been a speaker at 3 events before we decided to start our podcast!


We've traveled to all the continents and the north still holds our hearts.


Our pup Murphy is liiiiiife! He may even make an appearance on the pod!


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Love this!

Laughed out loud and actually yelled in the car THATS SO ME during one point in the second episode.  Recommend this for anyone who is invested in themselves and owning their own emotions, thoughts and behaviors.  Bethany is so relatable and easy to listen to.
-Kimber Anne

I like this podcast because it gives you an inside look into the world of life coaching.  I like the format because it gives you a taste of what life coaching is without having to invest in one.  I am looking forward to all of the upcoming topics and guest coaches.
-M Wheatley

Bethany is so much to listen to and gives practical advice with relevant examples.  I have already started putting her advice into practice and it is helping so much.  Can't wait to hear the rest of the season!   — Leikin

So My Life Coach Said... has already shifted my thinking and provided me with manageable tools to positively change my life.  It also aligns with practices I have been taught in counseling sessions.  I can't wait to hear more!  — Leslie

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