In this day and age, attention spans are shorter than ever.  It takes something truly exciting to capture your audience's attention for more than a split second.  That's where we come in. 

Stop motion is the gravy train that's taking brands on a wild & engaging ride these days.  It's no secret that video is the scroll stopping favorite on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  The beauty of taking it one step farther with stop motion, is that it brings the entertainment factor way up. 

   Stop motion content is a very versatile, it can easily be created for all platforms, and people LOVE to interact with this form of marketing.  It's different than what everyone else is doing, and its fun.   We'd love to help bring that to your brand.

Take the brand you've worked so hard to build, and give it a boost ///

you've come to the right place, because thats exactly what we do.

Design a custom bundle for your brand. Bundles start at three stop motions, and one gif.  

We are happy to create custom bundle options for you.

starting at $4000


Fun marketing option to add to your brand.
 Use it in your marketing, web design, newsletters, and social media campaigns.

Starting at $1000

Gif Creation

A la carte services for creative stop motion for your brand.  It keeps your audience entertained and looking for a unique answer to marketing engagement.

Starting at $1500

Stop Motion

How can we help you?

serving specialty brands - hotels - restaurants - outdoor recreation

The time has come.  We schedule all the logistics, props, models, whatever we came up with for you and we get to work!   Delivery timeline will be determined before signing, but it is usually 3-4 weeks to receive the final deliverables.  

shoot & delivery


This is the fun part!  After setting vision goals in step one, we put together a proposal and outline exactly what we see for your brand.  We get really specific here, props, locations, color schemes, etc.  Once you approve this we move on to the actual creation in step 3.

creative direction


We take the time to go over exactly what it is you are looking for.  We get to know you as a brand, who your target audience is, and how you want to be perceived moving forward.  This is the foundation of where we take the project creatively.  

vision alignment


The Process//

for more detailed information on our policies & what it looks like to work with us, please reach out & we would be happy to send you our client welcome packet that outlines this in more detail.


Behind the Scenes